Camping Sonnenberg in Vorarlberg
Bicycles Camping Sonnenberg
Bicycles Camping Sonnenberg
Bicycles Camping Sonnenberg


The landscapes of Vorarlberg are tailor-made for bicycle tours: Past Baggerseen and Auwälder in Walgau, on the Rhine along Feldkirch via Liechtenstein, Switzerland up to Bregenz, the shores of Lake Constance, rising into Klostertal and in the valley floor and continuing through beautiful Montafon.

  • Nüziders to Feldkirch (approx. 25 km), 2 different routes
  • Montafon cycle track (approx. 30 km)
  • Klostertal cycle track (approx. 20 km)
  • Feldkirch to Liechtenstein
  • Nüziders to Bregenz (approx. 70 km)
  • Nüziders to Silvretta (approx. 50 km), up to 2000 m above mean sea level, very challenging
  • E-bike routes

Travelling a route on a bicycle is interesting; you can also take back your bicycle in a train. Bicycles can be hired in Bürs and even E-bikes can be hired in Bludenz.

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